PowerSleep Games have created captivating, addicting, and adventurous mobile games.  We have combined the addictive tap with beautiful designs to make your gaming experience the most enjoyable.


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Sky Ball- Unlimited Fun in Your Pocket

Sky Ball is ranked #1 as the most fun obstacle game of the year! Insanely fun and so many levels. Avoid all of the obstacles in order to conquer each level and gain points to purchase new levels and rollers!

Download Sky Ball for iOS Now! The #1 ranked obstacle game of the year!

Download Sky Ball for Android Now! The #1 ranked obstacle game of the year!


Crossy Hop- The Ultimate Crossy Game

Choose your character and prepare for the unexpected. Hop your way through traffic and be prepared to be faced with the unknown. Anything can happen in this game!

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Download Crossy Hop for Android Now!


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Power Tower- The Tiles 

Power Tiles takes a lot of focus as the tiles fall and have to be stacked perfectly on top of each other! Be careful as the tiles speed up; stay focused. 

Download Power Tower for iOS Now!

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Color Space- Jam Through the Atmosphere While the Obstacles Switch

Zero gravity? No problem! Gravitate your way through the atmosphere and see how far you can jump through while withstanding the obstacles you are faced with. Match up with the color of the obstacle in order to successfully get through it.

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